The Mission

Our mission is to assist you in living a more conscious, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We strive to reduce plastic pollution by providing products that are reusable, non-toxic and eco-friendly! 

We are a local business with a global dream.  

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The Goods

Our products are sourced ethically, responsibly and most importantly, transparently. We strive to provide high quality certified organic, sustainable and fair trade products for your plastic-free lifestyle! 



I just purchases the reusable produce bags from Earth Sunflower and couldn't be happier with them. For only $20 I got a set of 6! My whole experience buying from Jillian was 100% positive.


I love the metal straws. I have become so much more mindful of asking for no straws with drinks and then taking out one of mine and using it. Whenever someone asks about the straws I direct them to Earth Sunflower.


Love my cotton produce bags. They are sturdy and nice looking and somehow seem to keep my produce fresher in my fridge. I also have the cocktail straws and they are perfect! Great for stirring and sipping drinks.