About Us

A note from the owner / founder: Jill Fecteau

I was always passionate about the environment and what I could personally do to help the environment thrive and sustain itself. I realized that my passion, dedication, and frustration about the single - use plastic epidemic needed to be channeled into something proactive and positive. 

I launched an environmental campaign in my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY called Earth's Last Straw. The campaigns main focus was on educating local businesses owners on the importance of transitioning away from single - use plastic straws into more sustainable, eco - friendly options. 

Media outlets picked up the story, many local businesses in Saratoga switched from plastic straws to either paper straws or stainless steel, community members were educated about the recycling industry and how they themselves can make small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

I realized the importance of not only talking about the alternatives of single - use plastics, but also the importance of providing such alternatives. Here, Earth Sunflower was born. 
Earth's Sunflower mission is to not only educate the public on single-use plastics, but to provide eco-friendly, non-toxic, sustainable alternatives. We pride ourselves on the products we sell, the mission we stand behind, and the brighter, greener future we can all create together.

We also pride ourselves on where we source our products from. I lived in Pune, India for a year and saw first hand not only the amazing ingenuity of Indian artisans but also the enormous amount of single - use plastic pollution the country is dealing with on a daily basis.
Earth Sunflower transparently sources its products from various regions in India, employing artisans that hand make our eco- friendly sustainable products, ensuring their employment and health care.

      Feel free to connect with me anytime at earthsunflowerny@gmail.com!