Five Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Five Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

When you start taking stock of all the plastic in your life, it can be overwhelming how quickly it all adds up. From our skin care routine to our pantry, plastic can be found pretty much everywhere! 

But there is good news—there are plenty of easy ways you can quickly reduce the amount of plastic you use daily. This also helps you to create long-term plastic-free habits, which can make it much easier to say “no” to plastic in other areas of your life.

Tip #1: Buy a Reusable Straw

It’s actually very easy to get your hands on some fantastic stainless steel straws! And it’s just as easy to carry them with you. Earth Sunflower offers Stainless Steel Straws in cocktail, straight, bent and extra-large sizes. They’re easy to clean and just as easy to use.

And don’t forget our fair trade Cotton Travel Bags to keep your straws handy when you’re out and about! 

Tip #2: Switch to Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Did you know over 550 million shampoo bottles go into our landfills every year? That’s just in the United States! You can be part of the solution by switching to shampoo and conditioner bars. Lush has a lovely line of shampoo bars as well as solid conditioners. Zero Waste Cartel also has a delightful line of shampoo bars to choose from!

Tip #3: Use Reusable Shopping and Produce Bags

Make your grocery store trips much more eco-friendly by always shopping with your reusable totes and produce bags. Earth Sunflower carries a great variety pack of Organic Cotton Produce Bags for just about anything - bundled kale, carrots, green beans, brussels sprouts, lemons, limes and more. 

Bag of oranges in mesh cotton bag to reduce plastic use

And if you’re short on bags, don’t forget: tons of produce can be packaging free! Just place your bananas, avocados, potatoes, etc., right into your cart and round it up into your larger tote before you head out the door.

Tip #4: Bring Your Own Take Out Containers and Cutlery

You likely already have a method you use for storing food in your own home, whether it be Pyrex dishes, stainless steel containers, or packaging from other food that you clean and reuse. Just toss any of these items in a bag to bring your leftovers home!

And to avoid single-use utensils like plastic spoons, forks and knives, carry a durable and environmentally friendly Bamboo Cutlery set with you.

Tip #5: Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Every second, 4,000 plastic water bottles are used. Each one of those bottles will take 450 years to break apart in the ocean or a landfill.

There are limitless options for great reusable beverage containers out there—so you never have to use a plastic water bottle again! We love the fun designs on these Chilly’s bottles, and they also have a great line of reusable coffee cups.

You can start your journey on the road to less waste today. Using less plastic can be fun and easy once you get started! Follow Earth Sunflower on Facebook and Instagram for more great tips and ideas to live a sustainable lifestyle.

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